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House and furniture

The collections of Maileg are characterized by a unique and deliciously traditional style. The products are of exquisite quality.

Maileg is an award-winning and renowned Danish brand founded in 1999. Endearing and attractive little animals, accessories and spring decorations that fill our days and those of our children with sweetness and sensitivity. A special mention for the Christmas collection, when Maileg becomes part of the tradition with these special, cute and deliciously traditional little treasures that we unpack year after year.

An inexhaustible source of new ideas, Maileg surprises each season with unique creations of exquisite originality and excellent quality and finish.

Find in Blaubloom all the products of the collections of the Danish brand Maileg. And if you do not find it, contact us! We will get it for you.

This is the collection of Doll houses, furniture and accessories. Come in and enjoy with Maileg!

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