This year, more than ever, we dream of summer vacations. Whatever our destination is:  beach, mountains, pool, a small stream or relaxing at home. It is time to enjoy the outdoors, the sun, the blue sky and be grateful for the moment.

And so is our beloved family of Maileg mice. Resting and enjoying a few days at the beach. The beautiful new Beach collection of the Maileg brand has captivated us and transported us to the wonderful summer memories of our childhood. Loaded with mats, floats, umbrellas, coolers full of soda, tons of sunscreen, and comfortable loungers. With beautiful cabins at the back where you can dress a trendy bikini and watched from afar by the lifeguard, always at the top of the tower and wearing his unmistakable red swimsuit. Don't you think they are the most charming? The father displaying his tattoos, the mother relaxing under the umbrella, the older brother with his googles, the older sister wearing her bikini with daisies and the little ones of the family clinging to their float. All of them have a nice pastel beach hut where to hide and store their accessories. The lifeguard, always on the lookout for bathers, smiles as he wishes them a happy day.