They are at fun fairs, amusement parks and even during a Sunday stroll. You will always see a boy or girl smiling while holding a balloon tightly so that their joy does not escape. Similarly like the ones in the movie UP! Did you know that Pixar recreated 10,297 balloons to simulate Carl's flying house?

Balloons mean magic, they stay flying among the air , partying, with their beautiful colours; all while making us reminisce about childhood memories within us. With all this in mind we inaugurated, some time ago, our balloons section at our Party and Celebrations Decoration section. Balloons that add a touch of color to our parties and enhance the celebration theme. We have all types of Balloons: the classic ones, those that can be inflated with helium to let them fly, with air for decorations (using an air pump or a straw) and those that can stand upright. We also have balloons filled with confetti, those that embody spring, those that invite Christmas. They can be hung from the ceiling, float around the party room, or glued to the candy table, furniture, or a wall.

Helium or air? In order for the balloons to float on their own, they must be inflated with helium. Disposable helium bottles for private use are currently on the market. You should choose the capacity according to the number of balloons you want to inflate. The instructions for helium use and those for the inflation of the balloons must be followed. Because of the high prices of helium and the lack of accessibility; it has led manufacturers to develop other options such as ground balloons, so that when they are filled with air, they are as visually pleasing as helium balloons since air is the most economical and ecological option.Foil or latexThe reusable foil balloons have a channel with a valve for inflation with a self-closing mechanism and last for months when filled with air. Recyclable and reusable free of plastic latex balloons must be tied with a knot. Choose according to your decorative needs.
And now… Add balloons to your party!