A work of art. These are the words that inspire these beautiful boxes of marbles that we have included in our catalogue.

Themed and colorful assorted boxes of precious glass marbles, selected among the most beautiful in the world. In a combination of colors and shapes that invite contemplation. With an extraordinary global design, responsible and made with 100% recyclable natural materials.

And, who does not remember summer afternoons playing marbles in the park? How many hours spent putting the marbles in the hole and marveling at the beautiful colors of the opponent's marbles! The good weather is here and the desire to play outdoors is more intense than ever, so we encourage you to recover this game from our childhood. A different, simple and authentic game, without screens, that favors learning, the expression of imagination, the development of an aesthetic vocabulary and the exercise of motor skills, agility and dexterity.

Do you remember the rules? All it takes is two players, identifiable marbles for each of them, and a hole in the ground. A throw line is marked on the ground, from which each player throws a marble into the hole. The player whose marble is closest is the one who starts. The first player throws all his marbles one by one with the aim of putting them in the hole or leaving them as close as possible. This is followed by the second player. The player who has managed to put more marbles in the hole, or they are closer, begins the second step. The objective now is to try to put the marble in the hole by propelling it with your finger. The turn is changed after each shot. Only one marble is allowed to be touched, although it can hit any marble in the play area. The winner is the player who gets all the marbles into the hole first.

The game can consist of two or three games and the winner of the game is the one who wins the majority of them. For more information you can visit the website of the World Marbles Federation