Undoubtedly one of the most widespread Easter traditions is that of the Easter Bunny.

There are no references about the real origin of this Easter Sunday tradition, which consists of a funny bunny giving decorated or chocolate eggs to children who have behaved well.

There are many references in different ancient cultures to pagan goddesses of life and fertility represented by the hare, as is the case in the German tradition known as Osterhase. This legend was born there: a very humble mother who could not offer sweets to her children, hid decorated eggs in the garden. The children saw a rabbit and believed that it had laid eggs. From then on, the children built a nest in the garden so that the bunny would fill it with eggs on Easter night.

This tradition spread and expanded, so that the bunny delivers eggs and all kinds of sweets, chocolates and small gifts. The nests were replaced by colorful baskets that the children fill during the morning of Easter Sunday.

There are many customs and celebrations  that are practiced during these dates around the world. But as we are in love with bunnies  (and chocolate!) this is one of the ones that amuses us the most.