When we think of September, back to school inevitably comes to mind. Who does not remember the excitement when preparing the new case, filling it with new pens and pencils, the metal boxes full of colours and markers, the clean backpack, if it had survived the previous year, the funny designs in the new notebooks and the books that our mother had patiently covered the last August nights? Those wishes to meet friends again. But the return is not so easy for everybody. Here there are some proposals so that going back to school, or even to work for the grown-ups, is a little more bearable:

- Turn the preparations into a special activity, add objects to your backpack or bag that make you feel comfortable, such as a funny keychain, a pleasant-smelling hand cream or a smiling teddy.

- Who can resist some cool stationery? Some pastel-colored markers, erasable markers, double-sided notebooks, tiger-shaped erasers, gel pens in beautiful shades. Don’t forget our must-haves in cases and backpacks.

- Treat yourself to a tasty snack or some delicious sweets. If you have baked them, bonus point! - For the little ones who will surely miss home, draw a heart or a star on their hand, or put a small pin on them, or even a bracelet, so that when they look at it they remember that you are with them.

-Make the return home special. Share a special snack while all of you explain how the first day has developed. Surely it is plenty of funny stories. Happy return!