After a long winter, with gray skies at times, gray restrictions at others, we already have our sights set on  March. Everything is filled with flowers and bright colors are reborn. We wake up as nature does and we find ourselves caressed by the warmth that the sun gives away.

The afternoons get longer and you feel like organizing snacks on your terrace or mid-morning breakfasts. It is not surprising that spring is the season of the year in which more parties are planned. However, every day is cause for a celebration. And if we have survived these last two years it has been thanks to the fact that we have been able to enjoy the small details. We no longer drink coffee in that cup with a broken handle, nor do we use kitchen paper as napkins. We have replaced them with colorful paper napkins , flowered cups , fun little dishes we have learned to put pretty topcakes on our cakes, to decorate with garlands our birthdays in petit committee, to write postcards to thank those who, from the other side of the door, have helped us get through a quarantine. Beautiful things, objects that inspire us, that make us happy and make us flourish.

Welcome flowers and all these celebrations, be they birthdays, anniversaries  communions, weddings family day, surprise day or just a nice day, that make us bloom!