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Las colecciones de Maileg se caracterizan por un estilo único y deliciosamente tradicional. Los productos son de exquisita calidad.


Así nació Goody Woodie, del deseo de dar forma a pequeños bloques de madera para convertirlos en piezas singulares que hagan sonreír a quien las reciba y sentir bonito a quien las contemple. Nacidos de la naturaleza y tallados con cariño son objetos decorativos por sí mismos, pero con la magia de estimular la creatividad,  ya que pueden personalizarse según nuestra inspiración con notas de color u otros adornos. Así se convierten en piezas únicas que aportarán una nota de encanto a cualquier espacio al que se destine o que harán las delicias como obsequio especial e inimitable.

Son objetos decorativos de madera natural, con marcas únicas que les confieren un encanto especial. Bonitos regalos de madera que hacen sonreír.

Krima & Isa

Krima & Isa nace en Hamburgo, en las instalaciones de una antigua imprenta del casco antiguo, donde la fundadora Kristina Marquardt crea y desarrolla los productos junto a su equipo y su hermano Sebastian. En un ambiente relajado y amigable, el trabajo en equipo es absolutamente creativo y resulta en diseños que vienen a ser una deliciosa mezcla que recuerda a la del mundo de Alicia en el país de las maravillas.

Candylab Toys

We present you CANDYLAB TOYS. The premium brand of wooden toy cars.

Candylab's goal has always been to make the best wooden toy vehicles on the market. They are gear enthusiasts, designers, engineers, parents, and this mix has made them toy makers, with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The key elements are natural materials, unique craftsmanship and a firm adherence to the principles of the pioneers of mid-century modern design: great design must be affordable and must not be reserved for luxury. This, coupled with a deep love for vintage car design, gave rise to Candylab's DNA.

Quickly this brand has built a community of loyal fans around the world: demanding parents saturated with plastic toys from the mass market and their children who are car enthusiasts, teenagers with a passion for the world of motoring, collectors and design enthusiasts.

Candylab Toys was born on a 21st century crowdfunding platform. Young, energetic and in love with everything they do, they are present all over the world, from Europe to Canada and from Australia to the Middle East.

Let yourself fall in love with CANDYLAB TOYS.


PLAY is essential to develop the skills we need to become independent, creative and decisive adults.

BAKOBA ensures hours of play. Each element has been designed so that it can be combined in an unlimited way, with flexible, resistant and excellent quality materials, so that once the construction is finished, it will remain together and can be played without fear of something breaking or falling apart. Allows play both indoors and outdoors. BAKOBA's lightweight materials float, making them perfect for the pool, bathtub and easy to clean in the washing machine. It's a super fun activity for kids to experiment with their construction's ability to float on water! Building blocks do not absorb water and will therefore dry quickly afterwards.

A piece called "Connector" allows BAKOBA to be combined with many other toys, such as LEGO. Connectors are included in every box, making it easy for kids to combine and explore in endless ways.

BAKOBA is designed to adapt to age, which means that children will not grow older than BAKOBA, but will grow WITH BAKOBA. The toys are specifically designed for children between the ages of 2 and 9, but older children and adults will often have fun playing as well, creating a perfect play environment for the whole family.

The building blocks are made of a very durable and safe material called EVA foam. They can be twisted and bent without breaking, opening up new ways of building. The blocks are safe and quiet, creating a comfortable play environment for kids, parents, and teachers, plus they're easy to keep clean simply by washing them in the washing machine!

Awaken your imagination and creativity with BAKOBA


Welcome to the CLICQUES universe. The wooden dolls made by hand of infinite combinations.

A very young brand that designs and manufactures in Europe, whose principles are to create beautiful, minimalist, hand-made, high-quality designs that promote education, durability and sustainability, that are game and decoration and that fill with satisfaction and emotion to children and those who feel like children.

The Clicques figurines are CE certified hornbeam wood dolls hand painted with varnishes and paints suitable for children. Each toy consists of three pieces, which are held together with small magnets, specially designed to be able to combine the dolls' clothes and mix the different elements.

Mix & Switch with CLICQUES wooden toys.


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