Without a doubt, Christmas is our favorite time of the year. We enjoy the previous weeks in SLOW MOOD. Without getting carried away by the rush or the stresses typical of big celebrations. We savor every moment while decorating our house, choosing the most suitable gift for each member of the family and the little details for friends, wrapping gifts, baking cookies, buying ingredients for Christmas meals and trying to remember how to cook them ... And this Christmas to SLOW we add TOGETHER. Because last year  tables were half full, gifts could not be delivered by hand in many cases, the toasts were made by video call and the hugs from a distance. Let us remember that strength unites us and Christmas too. Let's enjoy those little things that make us happy: hanging the decorations on the tree to the rhythm of Michael Bublé, finishing off the package that has been wrapped so well with a beautiful ribbon, savoring a ginger tea while we write the Christmas postcards, smelling the aroma of freshly baked cookies while we send our best wishes for the new year by WhatsApp, organizing the lovely table that we are going to dress on Christmas Eve and remembering the happy faces of the little ones when discovering our surprises in previous years. Let's savor the HOPE.

Are you joining our SLOW CHRISTMAS TOGETHER challenge?