About Blaubloom

The meeting was over, finally the agreement had been closed and still had a while to find a gift for the daughter of Mathilda. I was about to take a stroll through any Mall, without realize that perhaps February is not the best month to go shopping in Copenhagen. While the icy cold shrank my body, my head did not stop repeating: why not bought it in Barcelona? Coming from a design capital and here I am freezing to the soul looking for a gift! But had to find something, when Mathilda and Christian came to Barcelona brought us gifts for all. The time I missed over and the cold numbed my inspiration. Despite thick gloves, my handsthey lost sensitivity and up, it began to snow. I had no choice but to enter a cafe.
While the tea I was warm, I distracted watching a funny family scene.
 A girl claimed her parents the gift they had at his side, while they concealed searching it everywhere as if it had gone.  

Finally they relented and small eyes opened as dishes before a precious stuffed animal.
It seemed the happiest girl in the world, and was opened to me the sky. By courage, I asked them if they could advise me any nearby store to save my commitment. Nice marriage not only saved my life, recommending me a beautiful toy store.

Nice talk ended with my full agenda addresses and references which they used to buy all kinds of accessories for the home, even to their children. You know, they commented public-spirited, go shopping for Copenhagen is not the same thing done in Barcelona. In the evening, Mathilda told me that it was also a customer of any of the listed references and, judging by what I saw at his home, the quality of the products was undeniable.

I was fascinated by the originality and variety of sweet and soft colors prints, able to turn your home into a space personal, full of warmth. She was convinced that would also be delighted to my family and friends. ThenI said to myself, why not try selling them at home? Thus was born Blaubloom.

I will never again spend so cold. I learned the lesson and am finally sighted. When I visit my friends in Copenhagen, I do not forget to fill the suitcase of gifts. By the way, Mathilda has become one of my best clients...!

We specialize in bringing delightful toys, decorations and gifts that create a joyful, warm, serene and comforting atmosphere for kids to learn, play and grow.
Our charming items help you bring to life an environment
of fun
of imagination
of warmth and compassion,
of tranquility and of love.
Together, we can inspire a better and beautiful world.

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