Nothing more attractive  than a beautifully decorated Christmas table. Of course the delicacies of these dates are more than delicious, but doesn’t it  give you a pleasant feeling to sit at a table carefully dressed to celebrate the holidays? Following our #slowchristmastogether challenge, we have prepared a delicious ginger tea and we have accessed to our Christmas Decoration section, and specifically the table decoration . For more formal tables, go for the metal ornaments to accompany the napkins, with personalized labels and a sprig of eucalyptus or olive tree. As a table runner use candles and Christmas trees. To serve the cookies and nougats, the precious Christmas tins. For the New Year Eve party, table runners and disposable plates in white and gold tones. For fun children's parties, reindeer plates, Santa napkins, colored glasses and ask everyone to dress up with a cheerful Christmas tree hat.

Surely in our shop selection you will find ideas for your ideal table. Looking forward to seeing it. Can you share it with us? #christmasblaubloom