We present you CANDYLAB TOYS. The premium brand of wooden toy cars.

Candylab's goal has always been to make the best wooden toy vehicles on the market. They are gear enthusiasts, designers, engineers, parents, and this mix has made them toy makers, with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The key elements are natural materials, unique craftsmanship and a firm adherence to the principles of the pioneers of mid-century modern design: great design must be affordable and must not be reserved for luxury. This, coupled with a deep love for vintage car design, gave rise to Candylab's DNA.

Quickly this brand has built a community of loyal fans around the world: demanding parents saturated with plastic toys from the mass market and their children who are car enthusiasts, teenagers with a passion for the world of motoring, collectors and design enthusiasts.

Candylab Toys was born on a 21st century crowdfunding platform. Young, energetic and in love with everything they do, they are present all over the world, from Europe to Canada and from Australia to the Middle East.

Fall in love with CANDYLAB TOYS